Slide Activism For ordinary South Africans to become activists in their communities Advocacy To advocate on behalf of citizens, especially the poor and marginalised Accountability Holding politicians and elected officials accountable for their actions Activism For ordinary South Africans to become activists in their communities Advocacy To advocate on behalf of citizens, especially the poor and marginalised Accountability Holding politicians and elected officials accountable for their actions


Ahead of this year’s Local Government Elections, the One South Africa Movement, in partnership with the Centre for Good Governance in Africa and others, brings to you an exciting and informative workshop entitled “Electoral Reform for Community Based Governance”.


The workshop will be facilitated by renowned governance experts and academics from across South Africa, and will both inspire and equip communities to take back power and bring about community led governance in towns and cities across the country.

Join us in opposing any postponement of this year’s Local Government Elections


The state of local government is at crisis level, as towns across the country are bankrupt and unable to deliver constitutionally guaranteed basic services. We therefore cannot allow politicians to unilaterally extend their own terms of office, while failing in their mandate to govern for all citizens.


Have your say and oppose any delay or postponement to this year’s elections which are scheduled to take place on Wednesday 27 October 2021!


Whilst our fellow African countries have found safe and creative ways to hold free and fair elections in this pandemic, South African political parties and the political establishment is at the forefront of lobbying to ensure elections are postponed due to financial troubles and credibility issues.


The people must be afforded their democratic right to remove political parties and elect citizen-led governments on 27 October 2021.


We encourage every community in South Africa to join as we stand up, organize and take back control of our towns and cities!


It’s time for a real alternative to wrestle power away from political parties and back into the hands of the people!

It’s time we cut out political parties – the unnecessary middleman – and restore the intended direct relationship between communities and government through #DirectElections


Our innovative offer empowers independent candidates to stand for election in various wards, whilst also registering as a group of independent candidates to gain the benefit of the proportional representation (PR) vote. This model gives communities the power to take back control of their own destiny from political parties and install citizen-led governments in their municipalities.


It’s time for the government to be controlled by citizen-led organizations and competent individuals – citizens who are honest, equipped and passionate about delivering basic services in a financially prudent and responsible manner.

OSA endorsed independent candidates

This year, OSA will support a cohort of independent candidates, chosen by their communities to stand for election as ward councillors in this year’s Local Government Elections.


OSA’s focus will be on supporting, training, equipping and campaigning for OSA endorsed independents in wards and municipalities throughout the country. These will be independent candidates of their community, supported by the people, focused on delivering for the people. Those applying ought to espouse ethical leadership and be held in high esteem by members of their community.


To this end, we would like to invite submissions from activists and all South Africans recommending candidates that One South Africa might support.

Creative Competition

Opportunity for Creatives

To Win:  R25 000, R15 000, R10 000 … and More


We Want YOU!


Be an Active Citizen and Speak through Fashion.

Stand a chance of winning cash prizes to the value of R25,000, R15,000 or R10,000 … and other prizes!


Calling all CREATIVES to join with One South Africa Movement in the CREATIVE COMPETITION in which you envision ONE South Africa by creating a print, design or style that all South Africans can be proud of. From a pencil and paper sketch to a digital design or style, let your creation be the best form of activism this century.



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