The journey to #DirectElections is underway!

Our Direct Elections Bill is before Parliament and we are calling on All South Africans to have your say! The Bill is open for public comment until 30 September 2020. Please submit comments to


It’s time for voters to directly elect individuals who are accountable to the people, free from the constraints of political parties.

Who is One South Africa Movement?

We are a community-driven grassroots activist movement led by Mmusi Maimane seeking to unite a broad coalition of South Africans who want to see real change in South Africa.

A society in which all men and women regardless of background and race live together peacefully and prosper.

We want to build a social movement by bringing together individuals and civic society that share our values and who actively work towards establishing the political and socio-economic reform the Movement deems necessary in the country.

Please refer to our One South Africa Constitution

View Constitution here

Creating an alternative future for South Africa

Our state is unable to fulfill its obligations.
We are about:

  • Electoral reform: Ensuring that citizens directly elect their public representatives.
  • Justice: Application of the rule of law and ensuring we address historical injustices.
  • Agile, accountable and clean government. Speaks to the notion that corruption must never be tolerated.
  • Education and the economy: That prepares citizens for a greener future with technology as the driver.

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Our vision

A society in which all men and women regardless of background and race can live together side by side peacefully and are able to prosper together.

Our mission

Build a social movement by bringing together individuals and activists and civil society that shares our values and who actively work towards establishing the political and socio-economic reforms needed in our country.

  • A socializing force promoting progressive values of mutual respect, responsibility, cooperation and trust.
  • Teaching force, offering decentralised modes of self-organizing, participatory / democratic governance
  • Bringing change in a non-violent way.

Our values

Chief activist Mmusi Maimane’s story

From a young age, Mmusi has had a passion for the poor, excluded and marginalised in society. This has fueled his conviction to building One South Africa that is healed, reconciled and prosperous.

Born in 1980, Mmusi grew up in Soweto – South Africa’s largest township. He attended Allen Glen High School, where he matriculated in 1997. Mmusi holds two master’s degrees – in Public Administration as well as Theology, and is working towards his PhD. He speaks 7 South African languages fluently.

Through sacrifice, hard work, and a desire to use every opportunity afforded him, he is building an impressive career in business and has dedicated himself to community work in various ways. Mmusi has worked as a business consultant and trainer with a number of local and international companies, as well as lecturing at the GIBS Business Institute.

In addition, he is a philanthropist and chairs a number of NGO boards. The foundations he is involved with are primarily focused on HIV/AIDS and youth and rural development.

A man of faith, Mmusi is also an ordained pastor and headed up the Liberty Church Discovery campus for many years.

His lived outreach led him into formal politics where he became a councillor and led the opposition in the Johannesburg City Council for 3 years, fighting for the rights of the poor, excluded and marginalized.

Most recently, Mmusi was the Leader of the Official Opposition in South Africa, a position he held for more than 5 years. During that time he championed the fight against government corruption which steals resources from the poor. This unrelenting pressure eventually led to the resignation of former President Jacob Zuma.

Having spent close to a decade in institutional politics, it became clear to Mmusi that the formalized political system is broken and self-serving and requires urgent change. This is why he has committed the coming years to building a grassroots, bottom-up activist movement that changes the South African political landscape and creates active citizens who bring change in business, civil society, and religious and community formations.

Mmusi has been married to Natalie since 2005 and they have two children, a daughter Kgalaletso and a son Daniel.

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One South Africa Movement story so far

Our mission is historic in that we must bring South Africa into a post liberation era. This means that we recognise the role of the ANC and other liberation movements but also that South Africa must become future focused.

History teaches that removal of liberation movements in Africa takes place through coalitions and movements. So Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia are great examples of what happens when parties work together and a consensus is built on a number of values rather than ideology to achieve change. South Africa experienced change in 1994, through mass mobilization led by the UDF, who were a coalition of political parties, religious bodies and trade unions to mobilize society to bring change.

We have had a soft launch through traditional media platforms and built a network across the continent with parties endorsing the movement from IDU (a global association of parties similar to the CDU in Germany, the Conservatives in England and MDC in Zimbabwe).

We are building a pan-African view that will seek to make Africa the biggest story of the next decade. Failure to do so will mean the death of 350 million Africans. We have established provincial councils in all 9 provinces and have offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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