The political system in South Africa is broken!

For too long, South Africans have been forced to vote for political parties that select compromised, corrupt, and self-serving individuals, and force them upon the people of South Africa.


As a result, corruption is rampant, our economy is failing, South Africa’s children are receiving substandard education, joblessness has hit an all-time high, public healthcare is non-existent, and South Africans are being left behind.

OSA is working to change this through an innovative and modern approach to problem-solving on a large scale.

We’re a movement, not a political party.

The OSA Journey and the fight for Electoral Reform

January 2020

Launch of OSA

Mmusi Maimane and Michael Louis join forces to form the One South Africa Movement with the principle aim of achieving meaningful electoral reform in South Africa. This is the most suitable pathway to ending excessive power wielded over our country by political parties and their funders, and gives greater power to voters in who they elect to government.


Constitutional court rules that SA’s Electoral Act is unconstitutional, giving parliament 24 months to act

Just six months after OSA’s formation, the country’s top court ruled that SA’s electoral system is unconstitutional and ordered Parliament to change it within two years. The Electoral Act was ruled to be in conflict with Section 19 of the Constitution. All laws in South Africa must be in accord with the Constitution.


 This historic judgment begins the legal journey towards real change!

11 June 2020


28 August 2020

Direct Elections Bill introduced to Parliament

The bill  was certified, passed constitutional muster and entered the parliamentary process by which it was considered, debated and rejected by political parties in Parliament. 


As Michael Louis said at the time, it was expected that turkeys were not going to vote for Christmas

1 November 2021

OSA supports independent candidates in the 2021 Local Government Elections

OSA announces it will participate in the 2021 Local Government Elections by training, equipping, endorsing and campaigning for independent candidates and community organisations across the country.


By partnering with hundreds of independent candidates and community organisations as part of our brand-new offer – OSA piloted a model to bring government and power closer to communities.


This was the result:

Vote for Independents
0 +
Independents Elected

27 May 2022

OSA gathers Civil Society together to decide on next steps to change electoral system before 2024 elections

A large cohort of civil society organisations gather to deliberate and decide on a collective approach to the Electoral Amendment Bill currently before Parliament. This included OSA, OUTA, CASAC, Democracy Works, the Independent Candidate Association, the Inclusive Society Institute, the FW De Klerk Foundation, Africa School of Governance, Raising Righteous Rulers, Citizens Parliament, the Helen Suzman Foundation, Devoted Citizen and My Vote Count


Electoral Reform goes into “extra time” as ConCourt hands Parliament six-month lifeline

After dragging its feet for two years, Parliament is  been handed a lifeline by the Constitutional Court until 10 December 2022 to change our electoral system

10 June 2022


11 June 2022

OSA holds a rally outside Constitutional Court on the deadline day for Parliament to amend the Electoral Act

As the movement at the forefront of the electoral reform process in our country, OSA launches a groundbreaking national campaign to ask South Africa to choose the best 200 candidates for Parliament in the next election.

What's next and how you can help

Current work

OSA is currently searching for SA’s best to stand as MPs in the upcoming national and provincial elections


The final deadline day for Parliament to amend the Electoral Act

December 2022

Towards 2024

OSA will continue to organise structures and search for candidates to stand as MPs in the 2024 national and provincial elections

Independent candidates are the future of governance in South Africa. The ability to elect people who are not dictated to by any political party will strengthen accountability, bring decision-making closer to the people and guarantee that the best, fit-for-purpose individuals represent us in government


Our mission, vision and values


To create a society in which all men and women regardless of race and background live together peacefully and prosper.


To bring about economic prosperity in South Africa and realise the dream of a country at peace with itself. Government of the people, by the people, for the people.


We are a community-driven, activist movement led by Mmusi Maimane that seeks to unite a broad coalition of South Africans who want to see change in South Africa.


This involves the mass-mobilisation/organisation of citizens from all walks of life and a broad coalition of business, civic organisations and communities acting as one.

our Values


To advocate on behalf of citizens, especially the poor and marginalized. To support petitions and/or recommendations from South Africans with respect to particular policies or causes.


To hold politicians and elected local and national officials accountable for their actions. To remove them from office should they fail in their duties.


To hope or strive for something
worthwhile. To celebrate other
citizen’s or community’s success.
To work hard.


To promote, direct, or intervene in social, political, economic, or environmental reform with the desire to make changes in South
African society toward the greater good.


To follow peaceful means to bring
about social change.


To uphold the needs and rights of
citizens to have dignity as enshrined in the constitution. This is a mission to address historical injustices and ensure a future upon which all citizens enjoy justice, equality and shared prosperity.

Racial Harmony

To adopt a theory of justice that actively addresses inequality borne out of our racial past and to build a society that eliminates discrimination on the basis of race, gender and class. This is to ensure that we build one South Africa for all.