Politics in south Africa is broken - we're changing it!

If you are tired of political parties taking our votes and using them to impose corrupt, and compromised individuals upon our communities, then this is the movement for you.

The vast majority of South Africa’s problems, from a failing economy and joblessness, to substandard healthcare and endemic corruption, boil down to an ineffective political system that props up political parties at the expense of the people of South Africa.


To fix this, we need to take power away from failing political parties and return it to where it belongs: in the hands of the people of South Africa.




OSA is working to find the good, competent, qualified and hard-working South Africans that should be in Parliament – leading the charge in creating laws and policies that puts South Africa on the right track.


BUT this costs money.


Already OSA has spent millions of rands on legal battles, lobbying efforts, campaigns and protests to force government to change our electoral system.


Now we will be spending millions more going forward on infrastructure to allow prospective independent candidates to put their hands up, criss-crossing the country to meet with community leaders, and ultimately helping independents campaign and win in 2024. 


With your help, we can empower these committed South Africans to win


Every donation gives us a chance to help unseat the ANC and change politics in our country forever.


It’s time to put the right people in parliament. Donate

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We’re getting South Africa’s best, most competent and hard working individuals into Parliament ahead of political parties!

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