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We believe in a just society in which all citizens can live together peacefully and prosper.

We do so by being activists where we campaign on behalf of all citizens and
hold government and civic society accountable for their actions.

One South Africa Movement is working to build a society where:

  • There can be racial, cultural and gender harmony and tolerance amongst all citizens.
  • Citizens can fairly and equitably participate in our economy and prosper.
  • Our students, young and old, can have access to a world-class education that empowers them for a future of their choice and capability.
  • Our citizens can be able to live free from crime and corruption.
  • We can address the historical injustices of South Africa and any future injustices perpetrated.
  • Build a government that is capable, agile, transparent and future-focused.
  • Public representatives will be chosen directly by the people and are accountable to the people.
  • We can live in a sustainable environment that we can hand over to future generations.
  • There is complete human dignity for all that can never be taken away.

This is our pledge and if we work together locally and across the continent of Africa we can build a future for generations to uphold.

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