Project “Orange”

OneSA and Yebo Fresh partner with “Project Orange” to distribute 5.7 million oranges to vulnerable communities across SA

Today, the One South Africa Movement and Yebo Fresh have taken delivery of the first tranche of over 77 000 oranges to be distributed to vulnerable communities across South Africa in partnership with the Ruben Richard Foundation’s “Project Orange”.

Thanks to the generosity of citrus farmers in the Western Cape’s Olifants River Valley, “Project Orange” will see 19 million oranges given out to South Africans in vulnerable communities, old age homes, creches and clinics in the coming months. Yebo Fresh and OneSA will alone distribute over 150 000 6kg pockets of oranges during the months of May, June and July – a total of over 5.7 million oranges.

As we approach the winter months in this COVID-19 crisis, the intake of Vitamin C becomes crucial in preventing illness. One medium orange contains 70 milligrams of Vitamin C, which is the recommended daily intake suggested by nutritionists and medical professionals. Therefore, vulnerable South Africans will be able to boost their immune systems to fight off illness during the cold winter period.

Chief Activist of the One South Africa Movement, Mmusi Maimane, paid tribute to the farmers who have donated these oranges, heralding the moment as an example of what can be achieved when we come together in times of crisis and care for the most vulnerable in society. He added “COVID-19 has disrupted our known way of life and in the aftermath we must usher in the new normal, where giving and generosity is normalized.”

Speaking today, Yebo Fresh founder and CEO Jess Boonstra said that “Yebo Fresh is so pleased that we could lend our expertise as a community-driven delivery service to help with this project. We have a passion for bringing quality groceries into townships, and it is great to work together with OneSA and the Ruben Richards Foundation to bring healthy food to those who need it most.”

In addition to “Project Orange”, OneSA and Yebo Fresh are currently engaged in the following social upliftment projects:

  • Ongoing food parcel distribution project which has to date seen over 4000 food parcels delivered to families in need, making up 450 000 meals;
  • Upcoming food parcel distribution project will see over R5 million spent in 8 informal settlements across Cape Town; and
  • Ongoing hand sanitizer distribution programme which has to date seen over 15 000 litres of hand sanitizer delivered to vulnerable communities.

In addition to this, and in partnership with the Vernon Philander Foundation, OneSA and Yebo Fresh will later this week be launching an initiative to see that access to affordable, quality food is broadened to all communities in South Africa. Partnering with Anchor Foods, we aim to source and provide quality meat products at the most affordable prices, ensuring that prices are ultimately driven down and vulnerable communities are not taken advantage of.

Further details of this initiative will be communicated in due course.