We're searching for SA's best

One South Africa Movement is searching for the best 200 South Africans to stand as Independent Members of Parliament in 2024

We're asking YOU to choose which good, honest, capable and competent South Africans deserve to be in Parliament ahead of career politicians:

There are so many great South Africans that are qualified to lead South Africa that simply won’t because they do not want to join a political party, in 2024, this changes!


2024 will be South Africa’s first National and Provincial Election that allows independent candidates to stand for election as Members of the National Assembly and Members of the respective Provincial Legislatures, and we want to know who you would seriously consider voting for should they put their hand up. 


Over the coming months, OSA and other Civil Society organisations will be travelling the length and breadth of South Africa in search of South Africans that are willing to stand as independent candidates in 2024.


Just like you, we are tired of political parties choosing candidates that not only aren’t qualified to lead us, but simply do not have South Africa’s best interests at heart. 


If you don’t see someone on the list, feel free to add the South Africans that you believe can take this country forward.